NDT Inspection Center is a testing company focused on quality inspection, non-destructive material testing and industrial production support.

We have 30 years of experience in steel construction, welding constructions, production of pressure parts.

The special area of ​​our service is the support of the production as well as the execution of ultrasonic tests and the phased array technology. Our global presence enables us to respond very flexibly to customer requirements or emergencies.

Companies from the power generation, bridge construction, crane construction, dredging, rail vehicles, inspection companies, welding companies belong to our circle of customers.

Our decisions and actions are designed to win the satisfaction and respect of our customers. Trust is the foundation of our business relationship.

Through new technologies and processes we support our customers with intuitive and the best Solutions.

Our strengths lie in the analysis of our prices and services. We are open and honest in dealing with customers and employees, we try not to hide mistakes and problems. Problems and mistakes are addressed openly and we do everything to solve it quickly.

We value very different cultures and use their advantages to increase the productivity and quality of the products. We are proud to support quality standards worldwide and to contribute to the improvement of people and the Environment.

With the further development of Industry 4.0 we increase your productivity. Individual work steps are better and more effectively controlled. In production monitoring, we offer you significant cost advantages. Through the worldwide networking with our system, we offer u.a. the opportunity to participate in our activities live at any time.